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10-pieces gardening set Accueil
10-pieces gardening set Accueil
10-pieces gardening set Accueil
10-pieces gardening set Accueil
10-pieces gardening set Accueil
10-pieces gardening set Accueil
10-pieces gardening set Accueil
10-pieces gardening set Accueil
10-pieces gardening set Accueil
10-pieces gardening set Accueil

10-pieces gardening set

    • $37.00

    The complete kit for gardening at home!

    • All-in-one kit, allowing you to have everything at hand
    • Very efficient and practical
    • Optimal storage bag
    • Extremely light and transportable everywhere
    • Totally ergonomic tools, reducing muscular fatigue

    This all-in-one set of gardening tools will be a must-have ally for all gardening enthusiasts. First of all, the kit has a storage bag, which will allow you to store and transport all the tools at once. Secondly, we can see that this gardening kit is very complete. Indeed, you will find a pair of gloves, a spray bottle, and various tools (rakes, shovels, trowel, spade).

    This set of gardening tools contains many qualities. It is extremely light, which makes it easy to transport. Very solid and robust, each utensil has a strong resistance to all weather and climatic conditions.
    The gardening tools in this kit are totally ergonomic. They offer optimal comfort to all gardening enthusiasts, during each use. The softness of the handles considerably reduces hand and arm fatigue.

    The kit includes a storage bag, a pair of gloves, a spray bottle, a hoe rake, a rake, a purning shear, a spade, two mini shovels and a trowel shovel.


    • Product typology: garden maintenance tools
    • Material of the bag: canvas
    • Color of the bag: beige
    • Sprayer material: plastic
    • Colors of the sprayer: the cap is black and the bottle is transparent.
    • Material of tools: aluminum alloy and rubber
    • Tool colors: silver, black and blue


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